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Paperwork has met its match. Reiner’s line of electric stamps and handheld numbering machines make paperwork simple and easy, increasing productivity and reducing stress. With several options ranging from basic sequential numbering stamps to advanced time and dating machines, there’s a Reiner product ready to tackle any office job. 

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Recommended Products

speed-i-Jet 798

Mobile Printing Magic

speed-i-Jet 798 solo white bg web

    • Contact-free printing
    • Rechargeable AA batteries
    • Pocket-sized
    • Prints up to 40 characters on one line
    • Programmed within minutes using USB connection
    • Suitable for right and left-handed operators
    • Prints quickly and silently
    • Simple Press-to-print operation

Reiner 880

The All-in-One Electric Stamp

Reiner 880

    • Prints numbers, dates, and times
    • 2 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ (62 x 40mm) textplate
    • Can print logos and signature
    • Able to print anywhere on legal or letter sized paper
    • 35 stored print combinations
    • Password protected for your security


B2 numbering machine

    • Models range from 6 to 16 wheels
    • Numbers run automatically up to 5 wheels
    • Self-inking
    • Multiple ink colors
    • Can print consecutively or in intervals (duplicates, triplicates, etc.)
    • Customization with letter wheels and special configurations 

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