AMI/Reiner Announces New Tiered Pricing Structure!

AMI/Reiner is excited to announce a new tiered pricing structure for their entire line of handheld inkjet printers.  Add the newest and most innovative technology to your current product offerings at the highest possible margins.


AMI/Reiners innovative handheld inkjet printers are fully programmable and easy to use. Due to their portable nature and their ability to print on virtually any substrate, these handheld inkjet printers are the perfect compliment to any inline printing operation. With incredible flexibility and a wide variety of inks, these machines offer redundancy as well as an ideal solution for sample and test-batch printing.


These innovative hand held machines are among the most versatile and exciting products available in the marking and coding industry today. If you don’t already offer a hand held inkjet product to your customers, there’s never been a better time to expand your line-up.Contact us today to order your demo unit, arrange product training and get locked-in to the highest discount tier available. You will also receive other valuable marketing and sales support tools, including customer-ready training videos, website support and much more.

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