Former Olympic Hopeful Julian Mear Turns Family Business into Gold

Automated Marking Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of Reiner’s line of handheld ink-jet printers, is excited to announce the addition of Julian Mear to their executive team. Julian will take on the role of Vice President, supporting the growth of the company through innovation and new product offerings.

The son of company President Jeffrey Mear, Julian began his young career as a Junior Olympic Snowboarder and member of ITSC, a multi-national Olympic development team based in Colorado. A devastating injury in 2011 left him with six broken vertebrae and 21 fractures thus ending his promising career. Albeit sad, the injury lead Julian to reflect and enter the tamer world of real estate investment.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.04.25 PMA quick riser, Julian teamed up with some of Real Estate’s biggest players and co-founded Winvest Properties. Winvest is an investment company which offers seamless, turnkey real estate investments for both busy professionals and real estate investors looking to create passive income and long term wealth. Despite making large strides in real estate, Julian wanted something more. After noting several revolutionary advancements in handheld inkjet printing, Julian saw an incredible opportunity to work hand-in-hand with his father, who founded AMI, to help innovate an industry with new applications for this burgeoning technology.

In joining AMI, Julian became an integral part of a family owned business, founded by his father over 33 years ago. “We’re very excited to have Julian on board, and not just because he’s my son,” says Jeffrey. “He’s a smart young man, and he surprises me every day. He has been for 23 years.”  What began as a small rubber stamp and numbering machine retailer, AMI has continued to grow. Teaming up with the century-old German based company Reiner, AMI is proud to introduce new advancements in the marking, coding, inkjet, and numbering industry to the North American market. Julian and Jeffrey, along with Julian’s sister, Stephanie, hope to make AMI a Mear Family legacy.

Not enough people are aware of the innovative technology available in handheld ink-jet printing, automated marking and coding machines. They have the ability to serve as a seamless back-up to expensive, bulky, in-line marking equipment. AMI/Reiner’s line of products lower the barrier between small businesses with complicated printing needs and the technology they need to succeed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.05.44 PMAdditionally, AMI offers cutting-edge solutions to many companies who currently rely on obsolete equipment, such as rubber stamps and paper labels. These devices are currently being used in public administration, logistics, and contract packaging. With the ability to print on nonabsorbent and curved surfaces, Reiner’s products have numerous applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage, loss prevention and the packaging industry.  AMI is continually working with the best ink development companies to ensure further advancement of the line into new markets

Spearheaded by Julian and his sister Stephanie, AMI is currently offering an exciting new opportunity to dealers who wish to add the Reiner line of handheld ink-jet printers and automated marking and coding machines to their current offerings. AMI is promising the highest discounts to those dealers who purchase a demo unit and agree to be trained to handle and respond to all customer inquiries directly. Julian and Stephanie have put together a new marketing package for all dealers who wish to come on board.  Additionally, proactive dealers will receive new leads from AMI on a rotating basis as well as ongoing marketing support. Julian has hired a top SEO and marketing company to make sure that the business continues to expand and grow to new heights.

For more information on AMI, please email Julian Mear at