Solutions For The New FDA Mandated COVID-19 Supply Chain Requirements

ARMONK, N.Y., May 20, 2020 — Automated Marking Incorporated, a nationally recognized leader in the marking and coding industry, announces crisis response and assistance measures, meant to help essential industries adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Westchester, New York based business has been in operation since 1903, and is the exclusive North American wholesale distributor of Reiner products, including their key line of Handheld Inkjet Printers.

“We have clients of all sizes, and for many of our customers we act in part as a true value add advisor when it comes to their packaging as well as marking and coding needs. We have decades of experience, we carry and install high-throughput systems for some of the largest manufacturers in the world. At the same time, our product portfolio includes highly adaptable portable handheld inkjet products that enable cost effective printing on a wide array of packaging and parts,” shared Julian Mear, CEO at the family-owned business. “Because of our expertise and range of solutions, many of our long-time clients come to us when they have a challenge as we are known throughout the industry to provide resourcefulness and innovative thinking in return.”

AMI works within a wide variety of industries. Our industries of focus include, food and grocery wholesale companies, such as Coca Cola and Nestle, medical device makers like Sage / Stryker and Medtronic, and manufacturers of important commodities such as pharmaceuticals, hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (PPE), from companies like Sanofi, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and 3M.

“Our client base includes many global companies that are currently deemed ‘essential’ manufacturers. Our research team found that the federal government is working proactively on concerns related to medical, pharmaceutical and other critical supply chain continuity.”

Among the most pressing needs, the FDA has directed manufacturers to consider reevaluation of expiry dates of certain drugs and potentially re-code products “with the longest possible expiration date that the FDA agrees is scientifically justified” to mitigate shortages of critical human drugs.

Additionally, enhancing track and trace methodology within supply chain operations has become an urgent topic for manufacturers in response to the global pandemic. “We’ve been contacted by numerous companies, who are extremely pleased to find that we can offer products to seamlessly integrate into their production lines for marking barcodes as well as human readable data on all packaging sizes, shapes, and colors. Our products also integrate with database and ERP systems as well as track and trace software to ensure the greater visibility and adaptability into supply chain operations.”

Given the critical nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government as well as private entities recognize the importance of product marking and coding for manufacturers and distributors of essential products. Focusing on the keystone issues which includes track and trace, date and lot coding, warning symbols, etc. ensures regulation compliance and the safety and health of consumers.

AMI has created a Hotline for immediate assistance and answers, that number is 800-345-6667 with priority given to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, food items and other essential goods.

Automated Marking Incorporated is a leading provider of marking and coding solutions in North America, specializing in serving the food and beverage, parts marking, manufacturing, health, beauty, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Founded in 1903, the family owned and managed business has strategic partnerships with some of the industries leading manufacturers, and they are the exclusive distributor of the Reiner product line in North America.

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