Reiner 880

 The All-in-One Electric Stamp

Reiner 880

The Reiner 880 combines modern design with outstanding functionality. With 35 stored print combinations, a large 2 3/8″ by 1 1/2″ textplate, and its ability to print through up to 4 copies at once, the Reiner 880 adds versatility and flexibility to any office. Optional chip card program for custom imprints and security. 



    • Prints numbers, dates, and times2 3/8″ by 1 1/2″ textplate
    • Can print logos and signature
    • Able to print anywhere on legal or letter sized paper
    • Prints through multiple part forms
    • 35 stored print combinations
    • Password protected for your security
    • Optional chip card program for custom imprints and security

Print Samples:  Reiner 880 print sample white bg web

Imprints may appear larger or smaller, depending on your viewing screen.


Accessories:Reiner 880 white bg web

  • Ribbon Cassette
  • Black: Order-N° EM880RIBBK
  • Red: Order-N° EM880RIBRED
  • Blue: Order-N° EM880RIBBL
  • Green: Order-N° EM880RIBGR

Demo Video:

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