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After our long standing success with the jetStamp series – 790, 792, 790MP, and 792MP; Reiner has introduced the NEW 990 model which replaces all the above. Click Here to Learn More About The 990.
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The JetStamp 790 & 792 handheld inkjet printers are perfect for marking absorbent surfaces like uncoated paper and cardboard. Repetitive pressure from using rubber stamps can be taxing, this ergonomic option will ensure that your wrists are pain free even after printing thousands of documents. Print customizable alphanumeric text with one or two line imprints – up to 20 characters per line. Common uses: date, time, received, sequential numbering, lot, exp, part numbers, etc. The user-friendly LCD display allows you to toggle through up to 10 stored prints. Porous surfaces only. Will not print onto shiny or non-absorbent surfaces.

The 790 & 792 will only print on uncoated, absorbent (not shiny) paper or cardboard. It CANNOT print on plastic, metal, glass, or coated paper/cardboard.

  • jetStamp 790 – Rechargeable battery powered model. 4 AAA. Rechargeable batteries only.
  • jetStamp 792 – Permanent power plugin model. Must be plugged in to an outlet at all time. Remote operation optional- via foot pedal or trigger switch.



  • Handheld inkjet printer – Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
  • Prints on absorbent (not shiny) Surfaces only- uncoated paper and cardboard
  • Prints one and two line imprints
  • Up to 20 characters per line including spaces
  • Alphanumeric text only
  • Holds live date and time
  • Fixed character size 1/8″- You can change the alphanumeric text, you cannot change the size or the font
  • Stores up to 10 unique imprints at one time
  • Programmed quickly and easily using USB connection
  • Simple menu guidance through LCD display
  • Lightweight: 1.1 lbs. with batteries and cartridge
  • Great for right and left-handed operators
  • Unique Self-traversing printhead
  • This equipment is only compatible with PC computers. Not MAC compatible.

Print Samples: jetStamp 790 Series print sample white bg web

Imprints may appear larger or smaller, depending on your viewing screen.


  • jetStamp 790 Series accessories white bg webBlack Water Based Ink Cartridge Porous Surfaces (EM790BK)
  • Blue Water Based Ink Cartridge Porous Surfaces (EM790BL) 
  • Red Water Based Ink Cartridge Porous Surfaces (EM790RED)
  • Silver Braided USB Cable (EM905190-000)

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