Logistics & Supply Chain Efficiency & Accuracy —
Boost Productivity Through Process Improvement!

Marking and Traceability in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 with AMI Reiner

Real-time visibility of valuable assets is critical. Whether transporting goods by land, sea, air or moving products through a distribution center, every step between receipt and delivery represents an opportunity for process improvement.

AMI / Reiner’s Mobile Printing Solutions help operations, process optimization, and supply chain visibility. The mobile worker is now a connected node integrated to the system, able to retrieve data, act on data, and impart data – leading to a higher level of visibility, customer service, operational efficiency and ultimately – profitability.

Making imprints with AMI / Reiner Mobile Printers takes as little as 1/2 second. This increases speed, efficiency and productivity.

Eliminating peel and stick labels means fewer touches per package. AMI/Reiners high resolution, cost effective, low maintenance TIJ printers print clear codes directly on virtually any surface.

Through the automatic data management of the printer the worker can in full independence generate incrementing 1D-2D Barcodes or numbers without additional external data transfer.

The completely unique AMI / Reiner Mobile Printers can eliminate sheets of labels, and bulky stationary equipment. Our handheld printers help speed product through the warehouse, reduce touches per item, and improve traceability in the facility and in the field.

Unique Features Equal Unique Benefits for Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

Print on Any Surface
Our portable printers are capable of utilizing water-based, solvent-based or specialty security inks for durable and crisp imprints in any environment on any surface.
Visibility & Control
Improve inventory mgmt by making sure every piece of inventory is properly marked with clear, durable and accurate information.
Scan Convert Print
SCAN any barcode with your handheld scanner, match information in your database, convert the data and then seamlessly send the data via bluetooth or USB to our mobile handheld printers to print in barcode or in converted human readable form.
Highly Mobile
100% mobile thanks to light weight portable design integrated printhead capping and rechargeable batteries.
ERP/Database Connectivity
Use our printers as networked devices.
Increase Productivity
Improve staff speed and productivity with direct to surface marking, along with lightweight, portable, ergonomic design.

Recommended Models for Logistics

Industry unique self-traversing print head enables printing on small, uneven, and odd shaped packaging, such as pallets, pallet wrapping, non-porous soft pouches, cartons, plastic or metal containers. The traceability of all products and parcels is definitely ensured.

jetStamp graphic 970

  • Barcodes 1D (with serialization) – 2D
  • Graphics
  • alphanumerics
  • adjustable font size
  • High Resolution 300 dpi cartridge
  • print area up to 1/2″ in by 2 1/2″
  • Lightweight 1.1 lbs
  • Fully portable
  • ERP/database connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or Barcode label software
  • network compatible
  • Battery powered or plug in
  • Absorbent and non-absorbent surface compatible
  • UV- Security ink compatible
  • Unique self-traversing print head
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jetStamp 1025

  • Barcodes- 1D 2D, QR serialization
  • Graphics
  • Alpha numerics
  • Adjustable font size
  • High Resolution 300 dpi cartridge
  • Print area up to 1″ by 3 1/2″
  • Lightweight 2.1 lbs
  • Integrated display
  • Fully portable
  • Integrated capping
  • ERP/database connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or Barcode label software
  • Micro SD card data transfer and storage
  • Network compatible
  • Battery powered or plug-in
  • Absorbent and non-absorbent surface compatible
  • Multi trigger
  • Unique self-traversing print head with stand-by position
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